update on mum

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Well, all I can say is a miracle has occured ( well thats how it feels! ) Mum has been to hospital for assessment, they were surprised to find her so well, we have the hospice to thank for that, they are just wonderful, mums onc has said for her to have another 2 weeks getting strong and then she can have more chemo, mum said they told her it maybe tablet form, has anyone else had this and do you take it at home? Please keep mum in your thoughts we need to really work at building her up, any tips will be gratefully recieved, Love to all X


  • Lovingmymom
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    Good news
    Every victory, no matter how small, is a victory none the less. Good news for now......... In our thoughts.......
  • AussieMaddie
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    Sorry not tips
    Except to remember that you can always turn to the hospice for help and support.

    In my thoughts..

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    I am so glad to hear that your mother is doing so well. I hope she continues to gain strength and can start a new drug. My mom was on two pills quite a while ago (summer of 2010) - cytoxan and methotrexate. I think she was on avastin at the same time. Those drugs worked to help keep her stable for a while, if I am remembering correctly. I wonder if that is what your mom will take?

    Good luck!