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Can anyone give me a list of...or a resource for recipes of decent tasting, high protein/calorie food. We have a commercial grade blender coming this week and my wife is so tired of Ensure Plus and Boost Plus. It is supposed to have a recipe book with it but I fear that it is more geared towards smoothies, etc. I have been told that there are a lot of foods such as pot roast and grilled chicken that one can puree in one of these blenders and add some whey protein for a great tasting luke-warm soup. Any help is greatly appreciated.




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    Hi there.   Please see the
    Hi there.   Please see the HNC Superthread.  I will provide a link for you, but it's also kept on the first page of this board all the time, and it can be found in my expressions pages as a blog entry as well.   I have a ton of information on liquid nutrition in there.   Be sure to check out this section:


    Specifically, the first link under there, has foods and recipes that are good, and that can be puréed. I even have a lot of recipes for soups and stocks under there. You can always blend these with unflavored protein powder, for extra protein. Bean soups are good, honestly, you can puree anything in those emulsifiers.  Also, be sure to check out Lucy's Real Food site, I know she deals with mostly tube feeding, (i am not sure if you mean for peg tubes or if she is actually eating and drinking) but there could be good info in there.     There is a lot of info in that section that would be helpful to you. 

    After you check that out, if you have any questions, feel free to ask me.  Here's a the Superthread link:

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    Milk Shakes
    I you like them mix real ice cream with Ensure and add some Naturade Weight Gain and you are at almost 1000 calories for 16 oz.