and maybe the reason i got cancer is ?

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and maybe the reason i got cancer is ?

they found helicobacter on the endoscopy and the same time they found crc on the colonoscopy 18 months ago. i never realised the significance until i just finsihed reading nutritional medicine:fact and fiction by dr igor tabrizian.

basically the helicobactor inhibits digestion in general, that leads to my zinc dificiency.

may the 100th doctor or naturopath identified my chronic zinc dificieny only 20 days ago.

yes after all the visits and tests and juices and vegetables.

if it ain't in the soil its not in the veg. zinc that is.

if you don't have stomach acid you don't absorb it anyway.

my lymphopenia has been ongoing. I always begged for answers.

none from any doctors, naturopaths or clairvoyants.

just my newest and best integrative doctor who dishes out iv vit c and apatone.

my zinc is 1 the range is 8 to 18. doing a metals hair test to check. i had to grow my hair to do this test. been waiting a month. hair is long enough now.

checkout zinc and the immune system.

so many tricks and traps in this game of survival.

no matter how hard i try, i keep on learning.

so back to the basics, the foundation on health is good digestion for me now.

doing a few things to make sure.

at around the same time another new integrative doctor identified i had a leaky gut. now the conventional gastroentrologist blew this off, saying its just used by naturopaths to sell potions and herbs.

he does not have a zinc dificiency,

he does not have an impaired immune system,

he does not have a rising cea.

i am starting to wonder about whats taught in medical school ?

just a tad frustrated that those very very well paid specialists are human after all.

the pressure is on me to piece the puzzle of my health together.

clearly if i relax i will be in the box before to long, if i have faith alone in conventional.

my wish for the new year is a healthy digestive system.

one of the planks of this is not being poisoned by copper, pesticides and chemicals.

the new water filter for christmas is long overdue.

thats enough of a vent.



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    I'm sorry Pete.
    It is so good that YOU at least are on the quest for answers and solutions. I'm sorry that it takes so long for you to get the right answer and/or one that your doctors can agree on. So, if you can't digest the zinc, how will you get it?
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    Helicobacter pylori
    Helicobacter Pylori Wiki

    "More than 50% of the world's population harbor H. pylori in their upper gastrointestinal tract. Infection is more prevalent in developing countries, and incidence is decreasing in Western countries." 

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    Interesting.....thanks for
    Interesting.....thanks for sharing.