Ultrasound Report - can someon interpret?

I was diagnosed in September 2010 with uterine cancer. Full hysterectomy in October 2010. I have had some bleeding and the gyno/onco can't seem to figure out why. He sent me for an ultrasound which came back completely normal.

One thing piqued my interest -- the ultrasound report says the following:

Collateral EPR History: Endometrial endometrioid adenocarcinoma with squamous differentiation - low grade. FIGO 2/3..

What does that mean? I was never told a "stage" - I was told it was grade 2 and "minimal invasion in the muscle" - which I self-interpreted to stage 1B.

This FIGO makes me think stage 2? Does anyone understand the above statement?




  • JoAnnDK
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    no clue
    I have no clue as to what your u/s means. FIGO/stage is usually expressed as a Roman numeral on reports that I have seen.

    Have you had treatment? Was staging done as part of your hysterectomy?

    Guess I am confused.

  • carolenk
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    You should get your info
    You should get your info directly from the pathology report--ask for a copy of it. It sounds like you may be staged higher than you think you are. Stage I would not have invaded the muscle.

    Grade 2 is still considered low grade. It may be more likely you are stage II as I don't often see stage III cancer with low grade tumors.

    In the long run, you are going to respond to treatment as an individual. So try not to get too fixated on the statistics.