For Linda

Seems strange, but I've just found out about Linda. I found Linda and this website when my sister had her first reoccurance of uterine cancer, 4 months after her surgery. It was Linda and all of you warrior sisters that helped me help my sister. I think I knew that Linda was very close to her new begining that kept me away.......I didn't want to know.

I know Linda is in a much better place with God, but I will surely miss her upbeat posts and positive outlook - no matter what. I thank God that my sister has been dancing with NED for a tad less than 2 years. I will especially miss Linda now that my young niece (29 years old) has been diagnosed with breast cancer and is BRCA2 positive. Today she had a double mastectomy and starts her journey with chemo in Feb. It is a huge thanks to Linda and the rest of you that I search and search and search some more for answers and to take charge of my own health. I will use that same attitude to help my niece.

Thank you all that have been around and helping me for the last 3 years.


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    Howdy Howdy
    And thank you for sharing the good news about your sister. Linda leaves a long and beautiful legacy for us.

    Best wishes to you and your niece. Mary Ann