Twin Cities/MN people

I am just going to throw this out for some discussion. Would anyone in the Twin Cities, MN, or neighboring areas be interested in meeting up for coffee, lunch or maybe dinner somehwere? The purpose would be to meet each other in person, share stories, tips, and to just have a good time and celebrate life. I know there are a few from the area on here, and maybe some lurkers as well that would be willing to join us.

Reply to this post if you are interested (no obligation to attend).


  • ritawaite13
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    Hi Chad,
    I live in Minnesota too but am in Arizona for the winter. These old bones have a hard time with the cold. I know that Mary Ruble gets together with a couple of others from the area - I think in St Cloud. I think it's a great idea.
  • Cora11
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    Hey Chad
    We are in Wisconsin... so a little too far to meet but would love to know how you are doing as you and Keith had surgery on the same day.
    He is starting to eat more variety, still in pretty small portions. He's eating salmon, chicken, pasta, brown rice, just had some brussel sprouts tonight. He's still having trouble with liquids and things like shakes and ice cream have caused dumping so that is his biggest challenge. He's hiking about 45 minutes a day and plans to start back to more of a workout this weekend... albeit slowly. He's down about 10 pounds below his normal weight. He weighs 150 right now. He lost a total of 20 pounds as we put quite a bit of "buffer weight" on him before surgery, so he's lost about 20 pounds since surgery. He's not losing anymore, but not gaining yet either. He has his good days and bad days and it seems that he's having more good days this past week. Still gets easily tired and with the weight loss he sure gets cold easily as well.
    I hope you are doing ok too. I think now is the time too when we really process emotionally all that has happened.
    All my best,
  • GerryS
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    We could....
    We are south of you, from Iowa. Come to Rochester twice a year for checkups. Wiil be there in Feb. We also travel to twin cities for get-a-ways and relatives. Keep in touch.

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  • mruble
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    Great idea
    If it fits into my schedule, I'd love to do it! I have found it very helpful to be able to visit face to face with some who understands all the issues that come with EC. And I'll see if a couple of others are interested as well.