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Folks, I am new here....need help,,

Had a swollen lymph node left side of neck....

After antibiotic treatment for possible infection, no change....

Had chest xray for possible other swollen others..

Had swollen node removed....Squamous cell detected....

went for PET scan....found location in left tonsil....nowhere else....when PET was scheduled, surgery with an ENT specialist was planned for various biopsies of tongue, throat, mouth area to help locate source, in case PET showed nothing....

Now that source is known, questioning the need for the different biopsies procedure which is scheduled for this Friday, at a facility that I will not be using for treatment.....I am changing to a better facility for treatment, but can't get in there until after the 3rd of January....

In your opinion, should I go for the biopsies this Friday?


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    first things first
    Call the ENT and discuss.

    Second, although you are welcome here, have you posted to the head and neck cancer site? People with loads of information and experience post there and can help with questions you may have.