My Mother Recently had her Right Kidney Remove

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Merry Christmas to each of you. It has been very enlightening to read some of your posts. My mother had surgery Dec 13th to remove her right kidney, adrenal gland and a couple of lymph-nodes. She had pain in her right side Dec. 8th, went to the Doctor and they did an Ultra Sound and CT Scan Dec. 9th and confirmed she had a very large mass in the right kidney. The Doctor recommended surgery. To say the least this was very devasting news. My mother lost a considerable amount of weight prior to the discovery, but had been dieting. She also had blood in her urine, but it was detected under the microscope by the doctor's who never did an Ultra Sound prior to the pain.

Nevertheless, the Doctor was able to remove the entire mass which he estimated weighed around 10 pounds. My concern is the doctor did see a small speck on the liver but did not proceed to remove it b/c of blood lost during surgery when he began to cut around the liver as the mass encroached the liver. Has anyone experienced a spread to the liver?

My Mother has been home 4-days from the hospital and I can say, she has made good progress. During her stay in the hospital her Urologist/Surgeon was very attentive and gave good reports daily. Considering the magnitude of the surgery, after about 10 days, she walks without a walker and her appetite is slowing picking up. Her blood count also went up after the surgery. I encourage anyone having the surgery to have good family support at the hospital, I do think having the support gets you better care.

I remain prayerful about this situation, that my mother will be this disease. I can truly say that we were very down after the discovery, but Prayer and Faith got us a long way. Because of the size of the tumor, the doctor intially told us he would attempt the surgery, but if it was too large he would have to close her back up and give her medicine to shrink the tumor. We prayed and prayed and he was able to remove the mass on the right kidney.

Again, I wish each of you a Merry Christmas.