I had a port put in on Friday, and I am exhausted, and nauseated. Is this normal?

I had a port put in on Friday, and I am exhausted, and nauseated. Is this normal?


  • lizdeli
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    It could be your nerves that is causing the symptoms at this point. This is a very scary experience and we are impacted emotionally as well as physically. But know that this is a curable cancer and for that we are all very grateful. There are many on this board who will be here to help you through this.
    Strength and healing to you,
  • mp327
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    Hi Crystal--
    I wish you didn't have a reason to be here, but we are here to help. As for the exhaustion, it may be a combination of sleepless nights since being diagnosed, along with effects of the anesthesia used during the port insertion. I'm not sure about the nausea, but it could be from a nervous stomach. We have all been in your place and know the anxiety that comes with waiting for treatment to start. It's a very stressful time. I hope you'll lean on us to see you through this--there's lot of experience here and we're willing to share. I hope you are feeling better soon and I wish you the very best with this treatment, which has a high success rate. Take care.
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    Normal is relative, I guess
    Hi Crystal,
    My thoughts are that "Normal is relative". It seems normal that you would have these symptoms. I still have my port and really don't like it at all but also don't look forward to the procedure that removes it. What you are going through is mind boggling. It never seems like it can be happening to "us". But we have been through it and are here for you as you begin your journey. I am four months post treatment and am grateful for my caretakers and my life today. Even though this was not my first experience with cancer, it all seemed surreal and still does. Take it easy on yourself and let us know how you are as much as you feel like it.
    All the best