hesitate to ask..so sorry..

hi..so sorry to ask..need male consultant to clear my doubts..im a hodgskin lymphoma stage 2b patient..ongoing treatment and just finish 3cycles..after that..i having problem with my penis which it is not like before..which means there's no erection..it should be active like others since im young too..its really worrying me..is that cause by abvd chemo? is it for temporary or permanent..i feel shy to ask to the doctors too..help pls..tq


  • dixiegirl
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    Do NOT feel bad about bringing anything to the tables here. Sorry I can't help with your question but I did and still do have physical issues with sex after radiation treatments.

    Believe me, your doctors have heard it all and are not shy in the least when it comes to all issues of the body. If you have a hard time talking to them, please write it down and ask him to read it.

    Take heart, it will get better!
  • toledotom
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    Problems you don't want to tell your Doctor.
    As a 57 year old male I will tell you the Drugs you are receiving will keep you from maintaining an erection.I had similar problems trying to get an erection and I really couldn't till I was off the Chemo drugs for about 3 weeks. This will pass as your treatments end and mentally you should be in the right frame of mind to reach an erection. YOU have to talk to your Practicing Physician about not being able to obtain an erection. There are drugs for helping you to achieve one and they do work. I am 7 monthes from my last chemo treatment for Type B stage 2 Non-Hodgkin's lymphoma in my small and large intestine area including surgery to remove my Secum and ilieum. My erections only last about 3 to 4 minutes when stimulated and then I go soft. Hard for me to get it back but Viagra works! The Chemo drugs have some severe side effects on some people. Talk with your Doctors about your problems, I DID! Dixiegirl is right, They have heard it all & WANT to help you physically & ease the mental anguish about not being able to obtain an erection and having sex. I hope this helps?