IV's Again

Hello everyone,
I was in the hospital again over the weekend because of dehydration. Since my colon removal in July, I can't seem to keep any nutrients in my body at all. I have tried the soluable(?) vitamins that several on this board have recommended but its not working. I continually drink powerade zero and water but its not working. I do feel better when I go to the ER and they hook me up to an IV bag. I wonder if there is a road side IV station I could go to everyday and get recharged with these IV bags... you know this is a joke but... I have got to find a way to get through a whole day without feeling totally helpless and tired. I have gone back to work full time but my lack of attention and focus is really beginning to show. I am a number cruncher at work and let's just say that the numbers aren't adding up anymore! My quality of life has changed so much. It is basically go to work and when I get home I crash with exhaustion. My oncologist has checked my bloodwork and he says I am not lacking any vitamins or minerals. How can that be and why am I so tired like I have the flu sypmtoms all the time. Any advice? Please help!



  • SisterSledge
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    Hi Tessa,

    It sounds like you are indeed keeping nutrients in your body or low levels would show in the blood tests...now, dehydration being a known problem, is it possible that your tiredness is simply from chronic dehydration? Or possibly it is stress related? Feeling better when you are resting and being taken care of during IV support could be a response simply to being cared for rather than the bag contents? Or, perhaps there is a new health issue making you tired?

    Just ponderings...I hope you get feeling better soon!