For those who find stuff like this interesting, here's some interesting stuff from internet:

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Unfortunately, nothing that follows is of any practical use to anyone today or tomorrow..... (scientists may be able to double the efficiency of radiation therapy) (capsule endoscope controlled by mri.......)
/237837.php (glucose necessary for canceer growth....)
/238741.php (....pretreatment fasting glucose......)
/239168.php (cancer spread can be predicted thru molecular..)
/239152.php (potential target for mets)
/239377.php (boosting immunity)

(this didn't come out spaced as i typed it....The 6 items above the emax one start off with medicalnewstoday,etc but change with 23xxxx number) (a gene that protecta against CRCs) (don't know if this still works)

There's lots of stuff published daily,investigating cancers from so many different avenues of attack yet still nothing concrete.....The Dec 19 issue of Newsweek has article:"Could This Be the End of Cancer" by sharon Begley (pgs 36-39) focusing on a vaccine to stimulate the immune system to eliminate the cancerous cells.....

All these sights listed are written for us nonscientists,unlike the sites where most of the research gets published at,such as (from the public library of science)


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    Tank you Steve !
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    pepebcn said:

    Tank you Steve !

    and here's one i just read; ironically, the need for my first
    colonoscopy via my stoma was just discussed a few hours ago with the surgeon who created mine....both my onc and radiologist also want me to do scope....

    Here's new article for those reluctant to or who can't take a colonoscopy--

    Septin 9 methylated DNA (huh?) is a sensitive and specific blood test for CRC, at

    (this is a heavy duty site,much of which i don't truly comprehend tho i get the gist, i think)

    I wonder.......tho i don't think this test is of much utility once one is Dxed
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    thanks steve
    absolutely great articles, thankyou 100000000000 times over.

    the excerpt below made me happy, did you notice i did my sugar post a while back, been measuring my morning glucose and trying to managing my post prandial spike with lef coffee extract. i hope it helps keep the monster in the cupboard.

    some here really ridicule those believe having a low sugar diet is a healthy choice when fighting cancer. All the times i have been strong i am proud of, all the failures well thats ancient history, the game is on for real now and no way am i going to have any sugar.

    i am quietly satisfied that eventually the research comes out that supports my intuition.
    i have to buy the green coffee beans myself and grind them. they taste horrendous, i know becuase i accidentally chewed one and did not swallow.

    merry mery xmass, these articles are the best xmass present i could ask for.


    "These findings may have important clinical implications in the management and prognosis of breast cancer patients," said Maddelena Barba, Ph.D., lead author of the study. "If additional prospective and experimental studies corroborate our findings, two main consequences could be hypothesized. First, these patients would be subject to very tight blood sugar control. Second, the threshold for treatment of blood glucose would change dramatically. This could potentially affect time to disease progression and increase survival, leading the way to new avenues for exploring underlying resistance to targeted agent-based regimens."