Naughty boy at church

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We live in a very small town and our church offers 1 mass per weekend on Sat at 5. My daughter and her hubby wanted to go out with friends to celebrate 3 different milestones and asked us to watch 2 yr old JC overnite...not usually a problem. We hesitated a little to take him to church because he is soooooooo busy. When we got there they asked my hubby to be a substitute Eucharist Minister and of course he agreed, when that time rolled around, little MR JC started screaming his head off, crying for his BaPa. So here I was in the pew with this little crying boy who wanted his BaPa, his BeBe wasn't good enough, and BaPa can't come back til every one has gone to communion and the dishes are cleaned up. I took him to the back of church and came up to communion nearly last so we wouldn't have another scene, I also made sure to go through the priest's line, not BaPa's. By the time BaPa got back to our pew we had been through another round of Where's BaPa? I want BaPa! When BaPa FINALLY returned all the little rascal did was look at him and laugh, bringing laughter from the whole congregation. Needless to say he was the talk of the church after mass and it continued thru today when BaPa went to church very early this morning to decorate for Christmas. Of course none of those folks who determined that I was not enough for my grandson and BaPa is his favorite were around at 10:30p.m. or 2:00 a.m. when I was the only one who would do.

Oh well, some day BeBe will get her revenge, LOL.



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    So cute!!
    Me and some ladies talked about the same thing today at church how kids will want the men over us ladies that has been there for them thru thick and thin,one girl said she was sick and her 6 year old told daddy to put mommy on top of the Christmas tree and the dad got sick and the 6 year old started crying,your grand baby sounds like he just wanted bapa just to be there for him. LOL ~~MollyZ~~
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    The kiddos will just be so naughty and endearing at the same time.
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    I think BeBe is fantastic!!!!
    ...the revenge will come, if he plays pro football, after years of other people training him, as he looks into the camera and says "Thanks, mom! (and BeBe)"....

    Hugs, Kathi