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Have any of you had a MUGA Scan? I had a double mastectony on Oct. 7th (cancer was on the left breast) and will be done with my radiation treatment on Monday the day after Christmas. I am schedule for a MUGA Scan on Jan. 9th and all that I know and read is that it is to make sure that the heart is not damage and healthy. Next to radiation I am also having Herceptin once every three week for eight months and taking Anastrozole aka Arimidex. Will this scan also check my left lung for any damages since I am having radiation? If you have had this scan please let me know what to expect. I would really appreciate it.

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    I had one!
    I had one before chemo it was to make sure my heart was ok,you didn't have chemo? they will inject a medicine in you that will make it easier for them to see all the chambers to your heart and that they are pumping the blood right,I don't think this scan will check your lungs its only for the heart.I had left mastectomy but i didn't get any scans afterward to see if the radiation did any damage.~~MollyZ~~
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    I've had four muga scans and counting....
    When you are on Herceptin, you need to get muga scans every 3 months or so to make sure the Herceptin is NOT effecting your heart function. My heart ejection fraction has decreased (not good) and they have stopped my herceptin treatments for now. I now have to see a heart specialist to see how much damage was done. MOST women do not have this problem with Herceptin but I wanted to make you aware of it and why you should be getting muga scans. The muga scan does not check your lung for damage ... only your heart function.

    I also receive radiation treatments and am on Arimidex for the next five years.

    The procedure: They put an intervenous line in and inject dye into it. You will then be seated in a chair for about 30 minutes. Then they inject you again with more dye. After that you will be brought into a room where you lay down on a table and a machine takes x-rays of your heart function for about 20 minutes.

    Good luck.

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    I just wanted to add that I
    I just wanted to add that I had a muga test before Chemo started. So they could compare later. I was told that it is herceptin that can effect your heart. I started out with a 68 to start. That is high and a very good heart score. And mine dropped to 52 by the time I was done with Herceptin. And then they did another muga about three months after herceptin and my score was back up to 68 again. So it can effect your heart but it isn't always permanent damage. So try not to stress to much. I'm sure you will be fine when it is all said and done. Take care Kay
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    Sorry about your reason for being here Deb!

    MUGA is, indeed, required for Herceptin! I had bi-lateral on Feb 16th.

    MUGA is easy - they take some of your blood and radiate it. That part takes about 20 - 30 minutes. Then they put back the blood and you go lay down on the machine for what is it, 20 minutes? Something like that. You just lay still and they will let you watch the screen.

    Take a book or something for the time of waiting for the blood to become "radioactive"... This is a temporary radioactive isotope they treat your blood with and the person who does this is - at least in my case - experienced and kind.

    I have to have one every 3 months whiile using Herceptin and then every 6 months for 2 years after.
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    MUGA Scan
    I never got a MUGA scan and I am wondering why. I was on Herceptin for 1 year, take meds for high B/P and a beta blocker to prevent recurrence of arrythmia. I had an echocardiogram every 3 months to check for damage. Half way through Herceptin the hospital's echocardiogram showed that the ejection fracture dropped from 64 to 55-60, but this was just a guess due to severe swelling from the lumpectomy. I can't find it mentioned anywhere in my Cardiologist's report from last December (finished Herceptin in Nov. last year). I was just told "it's ok". I was very sick from chemo/surgery/radiation, maybe that's why they did not do the MUGA? I am definitely going to ask the cardiologist.
    I had radiation to the left side and had a spot on my left upper lung which never bothered me. This spot disappeared on it's on after about 9 months.
    PS - I am 78, can't believe this old bod made it that far!