Update on friend

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Thank you everyone for all the prayers! I promised updates on my friend when I asked for your support and wanted to fill you in on the latest. She has now had her skin graft to close the wound and is doing well. They were able to get and use cadaver skin so she didn't have to use the skin from her thigh and is therefore much more comfortable. She still has the wound vac but it will hopefully come off on the 28th. She really aprreciated all your support.

On another note. I just referred someone else to this board yesterday who had a bi-lateral last week. Met her cousin at the store and passed along the info. Here's hoping she'll look us up!!!!!!

Thanks again for all your prayers for CW.


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    I'm glad she's doing well
    Thanks for the update. I am so glad to hear that she's doing better.


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    checking back in to see how
    checking back in to see how things are!

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    Glad to hear the news
    Keeping us updated is always good. I often pray right at the computer as my memory is lousy. Sometimes on the road I will say "God remember those prayers from last night on the computer? Will you please just ditto that". I'm sure he gets a kick out of that.