Thank You

Thank you so much for all your comments and responses. John you are so right about where our minds go the minute we have a problem . You are also right my mind was thinking the worst. But that is the way that disease works for us. Most of the time I put it out of my mind. But the minute something goes wrong I think badly.
Sue thank you for thought of bringing me some bread pudding. Sounds really good.
Just want to thank everyone. And I pray for everyone on this board.
I will let you all know what the dr. says next Friday. It sure is hard thinking of food that are soft. Well hope you all have a really good day. And a Merry Christmas ,


  • COBRA666
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    You are quite welcome
    There is no thanks really needed. That is what we are all here for,to help each other,but thank you and have a GREAT & MERRY CHRISTMAS !!!!!,John