CEA 165 the highest ever

Stage IV Rectal cancer mets in 3 of 4 lobes in lungs
Unresponsive to all protocol chemo-therapies.

What is next? Research Studies?
anyone having success with experimental drugs? TCM?

essiac and cottage cheese/flax oil are on my daily list

Newbie on this board but well on into the journey.
Not really symptomatic yet but to me the tumors are getting huge

Not Grandma Goats


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    Welcome to the board, sorry your here but glad you found us. Hopefully one of our experienced members will chip in and give you advice.
  • pete43lost_at_sea
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    been sipping tcm for a year
    dear karen,

    sorry you had to find us and your cancer so far has been unresponsive,
    google rgcc, iscador, hyperthermia, iv c.

    even this little link on sulphorane is informative.


    so many alternatives to research, i am seeing a few very good alternative doctors who tailor make supplement mixes to suit my needs. of course they all have different stories.

    try to smile, everyday is a gift.

    i have huge faith in the eastern traditions and my tcm herbalist who has a phd in oncology.

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    Darn CEA, so have they looked at the other options, not that I'm lung savy but don't they have sir spheres etc., anyone want to chime in here that's had lung problems.
    You might want to ask John23's advice on how to choose a good TCM practitioner, you don't want just any ole' practitioner that hung out a shingle (like here in Santa Cruz, throw on some 60's style clothes and hang out a shingle, have the college students selling your herbs without any knowledge, not a good thing, but profitable) but there are good ones, it's just finding them, I think John23 could help you out in that direction.
    LOL at the Grandma Goats, I'm Grandma California to my grandkids in Ohio.
    Winter Marie
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    Clinical Studies:
    There are lots of them out there. There is a site called Clinical Connections. It is pretty self-explanatory and you can look for clincial trials on there if you so desire.

    John23 is your best source for TCM. He knows a lot and perhaps can point you in the right direction. Send him a pm (personal message thru CSN E-mail).

    Several on the board have had different radiation treatments for lung mets. Perhaps your doc can do a referral for you in case there are optionos for you in this area.

    Take care - Tina