restless leg syndrome

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has anybody ever had this after chemo....i had it last year really bad during my chemo with carbo/taxol....thought i would lose my mind....i would have to get up during that awful tired state and walk around the house. i just started on dec 9 on topotecan and i seem to have it again....thankfully not as bad this time but still annoying...just wondered if anyone else experienced this..... my best to all of you for a wonderful christmas.....karen


  • AnneBehymer
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    leg cream
    There is a cream called restless leg cream I am not sure where my mom got it but I have always had a problem with it and the creamed seemed to work.

  • CindyGSD
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    It might be from the steriods. I know that I soooo looked forward to drifting off to sleep when they gave me benydril before taxol, but those darn steroids made me jittery and restless. The effects usually wore off by the time I got home though.

    Take care.
  • Tina Brown
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    Yes yes yes
    Yes yes yes I get it and I have discovered it is a reaction to the anti-sick meds. I asked the nurses and they confirmed it. Metoclopramide gives me restless legs when I get home after having chemo so I asked for Cyclizine the next time. Whilst I was actually having my chemo my restless legs were so bad I had to stand through the whole infusion. I have tried all sorts and have settled on a reduced Metoclopramide which has done the trick.

    Hope this works for you Tina