C Diff

Anybody have c-diff, know about it? I was just diagnosed with it....on flagyl.....
Just get in remission and this happens....yes, I take probiotic....and eat yogurt....


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    C. diff.--ugh!
    First of all, consider yourself lucky that you were even diagnosed--I had C. diff. for a couple of months before I could convince someone to test/treat me.

    I had to use IV flagyl--nothing else worked--not oral flagyl and not even oral vancomycin. I got signed up with a home infusion company to do the antibiotic treatment at home and the IV bags were delivered to my home. I had to hook them up every 8 hours for a couple of weeks. Actually, my family was taught by the IV nurse how to hook up the IVs as I was really, really sick at the time.

    You know if the antibiotic is working or not because there is a very BAD smell from the diarrhea that has C. diff. in it. The chemo nurses kept saying "that is a hard infection to treat--sometimes, it takes 6 months to get over it."

    I had also read some Canadian research results that had success treating C. diff. using a bacteria called "bacillus thuringiensis" (something used by orgainic gardeners to control grubs). So I got some from an organic gardener friend of mine and put the powder into capsules and took it every 8 hours also.

    I was able to get over the infection with the IV flagyl (I think it was 14 days). I can't say if the extra treatment worked or not but it didn't hurt.

    Good luck. I don't know how you got thru chemo with that infection--I think it almost killed me!
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    my mother-in-law at 86
    my mother-in-law at 86 contracted c-diff in the hospital....let me tell you something you already know....it's nasty. the flagyl cost $1300 to treat it...her copay was over $300! it's very contagious...she was put in isolation in the hospital. luckily the anitbiotics worked but she was very miserable.
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    What is C-diff ??