Thinking About Those Facing Treatment

At this time five years ago I had just finished surgery and was awaiting radiation and chemo treatment. As I think about those who are facing this now during the holiday season it brings me back to my thoughts during that time. Just to let you know there will be some difficult times during your treatment and recovery, but things will get better in time. Stay in there and fight hard and use your support system that you have. With all those who supported me including my wife, my family, my church and my friends it did make the journey possible for me. My prayers go out to all who are going through this at this time. I am getting ready to go in for my five year check-up and although my life has changed considerably I am blessed to have five more years of life.


  • Hondo
    Hondo Member Posts: 6,636 Member
    Hi Sportsman
    Glad to see you are still doing well, will keep you in prayer with your 5 year PET coming up.

    God bless and keep you my friend
  • josh r.
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    Way to go Sportsman! Not forgetting from where you've come and being grateful is a big part of your success I believe. Keep going strong. josh r.
  • fisrpotpe
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    Nicely put sportsman! Congrats on your 5 years