First visit with nephrologist tomorrow..

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Well, six months into this adventure and I'm going to meet my nephrologist tomorrow. Not exactly sure what his role will be in my future, but I'm hoping to learn everything that I can possibly do to take extra good care of my remaining kidney. I've made some lifestyle changes that I hope will help, I've almost completely cut salt out of my diet, I'm drinking way more water that I ever have, cut out all colas, and NSAID's, started exercising, and I never was a person who enjoyed alcohol very much, but my Saturday nights out have turned into one glass of red wine, followed by a few bottles of water. I've also reduced my protein intake.....I was a big salt and protein junkie, the salt surprisingly was easier to cut out than I thought. Hoping to learn some new ideas tomorrow. This has indeed become quite a learning experience. If I find out anything particularly interesting tomorrow, I'll be sure to share...


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    The Nephrologist

    Diet, Blood Pressure and Kidney function. While your surgeon with be preoccupied with monitoring your RCC and your recovery from the surgery, your Nephrologist will be concerned with your blood pressure (too high damages the Kidney) your Kidney function and diet. Once we get past the RCC problems with our kidneys we are much more likely to have problems with are heart than serious kidney problems. At least that is what I learned so far.

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