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I just read your response to the geirson or what ever it's called, diet thing....I laughed so hard at parts of your response! My last words on that subject, to parrot part of what you said...I would be pissed if I had gone through all of this and now for a second ride at the rodeo, only to find out, if only I had done coffee

Thanks for the laugh!
Hugs, Nancy


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    Bump up..
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    I am so glad I made you
    I am so glad I made you laugh! We have so many different personalities here on the boards that it is oftentimes a juggling act to not step on toes or otherwise offend "delicate" sensibilities! I kknow we can't, and perhaps shouldn't curse here on the boards, but ...after all the indignites our bodies have been put through and continue to be subjected to~ really...where is the room for modesty and decorum?! LOL When I go in for mammograms I never even wear a gown anymore! For what? For whom? What am I covering up?
    So, envisoning orangutans giving us ememas...well, that's the immodest visual for the day!
    And I am blaming chemo, decadron and benedryl for any who stumble over the visuals presented here~ not to mention Christmas stress! HO HO HO and Bah-Humbug! ( The mood changes with the hour!)
    Love you!