Nesting or what?

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I know, kind of a strange topic. I've had my nephrectomy and recent dx of mets. On Monday, I begin my infusion of MDX-1106. The magic bullet!!! Anyway, I had decided to retire and found myself really enjoying my hobbies. My motorcycles, VW's and guitars. Weight training and running. Working in the yard ,shopping, and housework. Bringing my granddaughters back and forth to school. In any event , my energy is good. Doing a little painting and did some body work on my Jeep. Putting my life in order. DAMN!!I hope I live alot longer. So much to do. And enjoying it! Message to all, Keep positive and moving forward. Stay active and busy. If there weren't things worth living for , we'd been dead a long time ago.


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    Full steam ahead...

    Crank that positive attitude/energy generator of yours up and put the pedal to the metal. You are about to attack with extreme prejudice and I believe the more focused you are on killing it the more likely it is that your "magic bullet" will be on target. Go forth and conquer my brother. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

    God speed,