Any other CLLers out there tonight?

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Wish there was a category for us. We are somewhat unique. The "good" cancer. Hah! What is good about knowing that in your future is pain and suffering? I wish I had never found out. I think I would much rather have just muddled on for however long not knowing what was coming. "Watch and wait" is really "watch and worry".

My apologies for sour note. Not what I really wanted to say. It just came out. So maybe I needed to get it out.

Attitude is everything. So I am grateful for supportive friends and family. For the web and places like this that give us information and support. For researchers who are trying to find a cure. For doctors who I know care and wish they could do more. For each precious day I have to be kind to others and to celebrate the beauty the good Lord has surrounded us with...the flowers, birds, sunrises and sunsets. The cool flicker my husband and I enjoyed watching in our tree outside our kitchen window! There is something or someone every day to appreciate. And doing so helps us forget this disease. So...we keep on keeping on. ;) We can AND we will!


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    My husband was diagnosed with CLL 11 years ago and is just getting ready to start treatment for the first time in January. Going through prognostic testing now. I am scared to death, as he has already fought head and neck cancer twice. We keep hearing how CLL is very manageable, but I am still scared. Thank you for reminding me of the small joys.

    Good luck on your CLL journey. I hope all of us with the supposed "good cancer" can support each other, as well as anyone else facing any kind of cancer.

    Please have a wonderful holiday season.

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    Just diagnosed
    I have been being monitored throughout 2011. Wouldn't allow the node biopsy, under went CT scans, core needle biopsy, PET scan and lab work. Finally they said they wanted to do a flow cytometry and that should confirm the diagnosis without node biopsy. Dr called Friday to confirm CLL, though it's treated like lymphoma. I'm on watch and wait, clearly plan on being one of the 30% who never needs treatment. Hey they say attitude has a lot to do with it...I feel good and plan on living life to the fullest. Do I think about CLL? you bet! a lot of the time. Does it stop me from enjoying life? Nope! Best wishes to you all! Never give up hope...