Question about Diagnosis

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First, a big thank you and good wishes to everyone here. I've been lurking for over a week and because of your strength and kindness, I have taken the plunge and am posting. My father found out 10 days ago that he has a large mass in his left kidney, a large mass in one lung, and a 7mm mass in the other lung. We are now in the process of meeting with oncologists. We understand that this is a very difficult diagnosis, but want to find out what we are dealing with and what options may exist. The doctors say they think this is metastatic kidney cancer (and not metastatic lung cancer), but they have pointed out that the large mass in the lung is "abnormally" large for kidney cancer and have raised the possibility that there may in fact be 2 separate cancers. I don't have any additional medical information at this time, but I thought I'd check to see if anyone has experienced or knows of something similar or otherwise has any guidance.


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    Wish I could help
    but nothing in my experience helps me answer your questions. What I can tell you is that you will be getting a lot more and new information in the next few weeks, which should help build a game plan. In the meantime, I will keep your Dad and your whole family in my prayers.