Got mine today

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WOW! Whoever got me my ornaments knew me quiet well.

I LOVE,LOVE, love my teapot ornament and also the cat
hugging the dog one. How did you know that I am crazy
about tea? And now I actually got cats AND a puppy. Yep,
I just got her 4 days ago and it feels like she has always
been here. She is JUST amazing!! I named her Nika and she
is a golden lab. We take 2 walks a day now instead of my
usual 1 by myself and boy do I enjoy them.

So whoever my secret ornament-santa is - You couldn't
have picked better ones for me!!! Thank you, thank you,
Thank you so much!!!

PS Won't you tell me who you are?


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    Whoo Hoo another mystery!

    Whoo Hoo another mystery!