We are back!

We arrived home on Nov. 30, we spent 9 days in Colorado with our sons and their families. Gerald, our youngest son, 37 years old, cooked the bird, his wife and our other daughter-in-law made the other dishes. Everything was very good.

A few days before Thanksgiving, I had to be taken to ER, I couldn't breathe well. It was a combination of the cancer and the altitude 6100 feet.

I was given O2, xrays and blood tests were taken, my lungs are clear, no other ailments were found. I was given an O2 generator while at Geralds home and and O2 bottle while we were out and about.

No breathing problems since we are home.

We flew from Seattle to Denver, Lora did not want to drive, possibility of snow in the mountains and I don't drive very much, anymore. So flying was the best option.

It's good to be home on the ol' stompin grounds! :)