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Will finally have my port removed Wednesday morning. Saw my colorectal dr Friday and he was pleased with the PET scan results. See him again in 3 months. He said to enjoy life.


  • pjs62
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    How awesome to hear!! Yes after all you've gone thru its time to enjoy life!! You're such an inspiration & I pray you continue to heal & get stronger! (*o*) Have a great holiday....many blessings & hugs to you my friend!
  • mp327
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    Congrats on being "de-ported!"
    This is great news! I will tell you that removal of my port was even easier than when the thing was implanted. I hope it is the same for you. Just one more thing behind you and one less reminder of where you've been. I hope all goes well for you Wednesday! Please let us know. Yes, ENJOY LIFE!
  • z
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    Very good news for you, I hope to have mine removed after April of next year. Yes indeed enjoy life, I wish you well, Lori.