Dad went out for breakfast! Good Day!

So Dad, just a few days shy of 2 months post-op, went out with a buddy (or two) for breakfast. Had a cup of coffee AND a cup of sausage gravy. Text from him: "Now I know what it feels like to overindulge." Just lethargic and heavy until it passes. (Hmmm, like eating too much for a holiday dinner? It is just a different size meal.)

He went to the wound specialist and got a topical antibiotic for his opened incision - no abscess and no infection and they dug about 1/2" deep and was all clear.

I guess we don't have an answer of why it opened up, but if they aren't concerned about it, then it is just another corner we have to go through.

(Funny, I always get sick when I see the s-corners on road signs...These types of corners for us all should be outlawed!) But I am grateful to have dad be on this windy road to recovery.

I continue to say prayers for all the ones that are just joining us on this journey and know that you are not alone. I have learned this early on.

God Bless,
Daughter of Roy
DX 06/17/11
Ivor Lewis Robotically 10/07/11


  • sandy1943
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    So good Roy could go out for
    So good Roy could go out for breakfast with friends. It feels so good when we can put some normalsy back in our lives. I don't think I could have eaten a cup of sausage gravy at two months post op. Way to go Roy!
  • Heeran
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    That is great. How amazing that must have been for your father to travel the journey of diagnosis, treatment, surgery, and then pulling through and eating with his buddies. I would love for my mom to have that day one day.
  • TerryV
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    HOORAY! for Breakfast with friends
    I bet your dad's spirts were really boosted by his morning out. That's a great move forward for Roy.

    Our prayers for continued improvement - no matter how slowly - are there, Beth. We are with you every step of the way. Nick is just days away from being 3 months past surgery. I can't imagine where the time has gone. All those fears and all the worry - not a distant memory yet, but finally a memory - NOT a daily! :) It will happen for your family too.

    Love & Hugs,