Cancer found in Moms Vaginal wall

So the Doctor found a lump in Moms vaginal Wall.That must have been the reason for her CA 125 Rise.She will go in On the 12 for Radiation Consult. Any one else had this?Why didnt this show up on her scan I wonder.


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    Cynthia Rose
    I don't know why it did not show up. However, I will share what my gyn/onc told me long ago. "If is returns in the vaginal cuff, I am over 90% sure I can cure it". I think that after you see the doc on the 12th you will feel more confident. Hang in there.

    Mary Ann
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    Sometimes it is on


    Sometimes it is on scans but if it is below a certain number they will note it but will not indicate a recurrence.

    I had a mass from 2005 and it wasn't until 2009 that anyone was noticing it. It was mentioned, though. I was starting to complain for about a year about beginning to have pain. I had a CT scan and although it showed "something" since it was there for years without change and the rating was within limits. But then I had a biopsy which came back positive. So I had a PET Scan (also came back negative) so then they ordered a MRI (also came back negative). The PET Scan noticed the mass but indicated that it had shrunk from previous scans and could have been considered "surgical scarring" or surgical changes. Same with MRI.

    After being told that my mass was inoperable, I got a third opinion and had surgery to remove the mass. It was removed successfully and it was negative. Although a lymph node which was removed showed microscopic cells. I did not need treatment.

    Cynthia, I did not see how much of a rise in your mom's numbers. As you may be aware, a rise in CA125 can be caused by many things other than cancer. Inflammation and surgical changes can cause the rise too.

    I know this is very stressful time for you and your Mom. Sending comforting thoughts your way.