I have never posted here but feel it's time. I want to say thank you to all for the wonderful information you all share. I feel I know each one of you.

My Story: I am 44 and the mother of a 18 year old and 22 year old with a wonderful retired military husband. I was dx in May 2011 with SCC in a knot in my neck. It was the most devastating day of my life. Path report showed brachial cyst with SCC. I had it removed along with tonsils and adenoids and multiple mouth and tongue biopsies which were all benign. I had 35 radiation treatments with 6 cisplatin rounds and am currently 4 months out.I received a feeding tube at week 3 which I think bothered me worse than the treatments but knew I had to have it to survive. 8 weeks after my last treatment my Dad went in for routine surgery and following surgery had two heart attacks and passed away. 2 1/2 weeks later my brother took his own life, only then did I find out he had terminal lung cancer. I am not telling my story for anyone to feel sorry me I just want to encourage everyone to hang in there things will get better. I am now back working full time. My strength is coming back strong. I can taste most things but some things still taste off. My appetite is not where it should be but getting better. I drink carnation instant breakfast every day to ensure I get enough calories in. I have the Lhermittes but have learned what aggreviates it and don't do it.I had a CT the first of Nov which was clear and will have a PET some time after the first of the year.
Before being dx with this I was a type A personality to the max but after the year of 2011 I have learned not to sweat the small stuff and be thankful for what you have. Even though some of my blessings have come through teardrops I still feel blessed beyond measure. How I can sum up my year is a song by Third Day. It talks about how sometimes you have to walk through the valley to stand on the Mountain of God. I truly beleive this and want to encourage each one that feels like you are in this valley, the mountain of God is still there for you and you will stand there with Him. I hope you have a blessed Christmas and a very Happy New Year.


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    Just nod your head if you get this.....
    Pardon me for just a little humor:)

    My personal FP had a malignancy arising from a branchial cleft cyst 20 years ago. He survived the surgery and radiation, and has had no reoccurance nor any significant problem since. He is now 68 years old.

    Wishing you the same results. Happy Holidays!

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    Like you my 2011 took an unexpected turn, my diagnosis of SCC of the right tonsil came out of no where, if it wasn't for the fact I found a small nodule on the right side of my neck in April 2011 I wouldn't have a had a clue anything was wrong. I've already completed a 3 rounds of chemo, 1 infusion every 21 days cisplatin/taxotore/5fu and now going thru radiation, 22 of 39 completed so far, with 1 infusion of carboplatin for every week of rads. December 29th will be a banner day as that will be the completion of treatments. I have always been a type A personality, but this detour in my journey has given me time to reflect on what is really important,and it's not work, it's not material things, it's all about family and friends who have rallied around me and have taken this walk with me.

    Blessings nd light for your continued health.

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    Thank you for sharing
    Just when I needed encouragement I read your post. My hysband was diagnosed on May with BOT and finished in mid August with treatment. Recovery is not happening and we found out that the reason is Hydrocephalus (water on brain). We are leaving in an hour to see neutologist about shunt in brain to relieve pressure. Your post has helped me to think about what is more important and to make some decisions I have struggled with since his diagnosis. I haven't heard thw song by Third Day but plan on listening to it before I leave.

    Thank you again for your wise and profound words.

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    Glad you made it, sorry for some of the paths you were exposed to along the way. Obviously you are not only blessed, you are strong.

    Thoughts and Prayers,
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    Hi Blessed
    I am glad you joined us, and glad to hear your CT came back clear. I too in all my treatments could not have done it without my savior standing by my side, we are so blessed.

    God bless and Welcome to CSN
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    Dear Blessed, I am sorry to
    Dear Blessed, I am sorry to hear about the loss of your father and brother. Although you have endured a lot of emotional pain your letter is an inspiration to others. I thought it was a beautiful letter and with God anything is possible. Homer & Connie
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    Dear Blessed, I am sorry to
    Dear Blessed, I am sorry to hear about the loss of your father and brother. Although you have endured a lot of emotional pain your letter is an inspiration to others. I thought it was a beautiful letter and with God anything is possible. Homer & Connie

    I have told my story here many times. When you hear the word cancer it is like a blow to the head and stomache. You have to be strong, tough and able to roll with the punches.
    You did all that. I can't imagine losing your dad and brother in there too.
    I look back at the last year as like it was a bad acid dream (sorry true 60's kid here) but it has brought alot of good into my life too.
    Reading letters such as yours is a good thing for us all.
    Have as good of a holiday season as you can and thanks for sharing
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    I have not been on the site for quite awhile now due to reading many things that depress me. I guess tonight was the time to get back on and read your post. I am now as of February of 2012 will be five years post treatment for stage four pharyngeal cancer. The treatment and surgery has pretty well ruined life as I once knew it. I have many many severe side effects from the surgery, radiation and chemo. I do know however that I am blessed to have five more years with my family when I initially thought I had received a death sentence. I have lost a father-in-law to lung cancer and a sister-in-law to brain cancer during this time. I am presently going through a depressing time right now because of continued side effects from treatment and am happy to see your upbeat feelings about how you are blessed. I am too a type A personality and don't sweat the little things as much as I used to but as you would know this is a hard habit to break. I am sixty three years old and I know my life has been extended for a reason. Sometimes I just want to give up and pray that God will take me to be with him but I know he will do this when he is ready. Just want you to know your post has given me some added encouragement during a down time in my life.
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    Good To Meet You
    Great to hear of your clean CT. Thanks for your kind words of encouragement. Many would simply fall victim to "poor me" syndrome in your shoes - and I would think it would be natural (for a while). Sorry you have had to endure added sorrows during your health struggle. Hoping you continue to heal well.