A Lonely Christmas

My angel is gone. My heart is broken and an eternity will not heal it. Nothing or no one can ever fill the cavern that used to be my heart.

Being with her was my only joy in life

Life will go on, but living will never be the same. I miss her terribly.



  • kmgerhke
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    so true
    3rd Christmas for me-and it is still lonely and different. When you think it might be different God threw me a curve ball. Hate it being different-Miss my love as well
  • JackieA
    JackieA Member Posts: 150
    I truly understand
    I pray that we all are cocmforted through this season. (((hugs)))
  • grandmafay
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    This is my third Christmas season without my love. It still hits hard. The first one I was numb. The second I was in Europe with part of my family. This year? I am trying to concentrate on the grandkids, friends, and on the true meaning of Christmas. Hope, love, everlasting life. Still miss him. Fay
  • 3Mana
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    I agree
    I totally agree with you. Being without our loved ones is not going to be a good Christmas. This is the 2nd one without my hubby. Can't even remember last year, but it seems like this year isn't much better. Wondering when I'll love Christmas again. We used to have so many outdoor lights and I haven't even put up my lit wreath. Only have a small tree too as it would hurt too much to sit & look at all the ornaments & lights on our big tree.
    You're right life goes on, but it has changed forever. You miss your wife & I miss my hubby forever. "Carole"
  • Tina Blondek
    Tina Blondek Member Posts: 1,500 Member
    Hi VV,
    So sorry you have to experience the holidays without your wife. My dad has been gone since March 2010. This is our 2nd Christmas without him. The way I get through it is....I try my best to remember all the many years of Christmas' without cancer. Remember all the good times. Put your decorations up in honor of your wife. She will love that! Light a candle for her each night until Christmas. I always wish my dad a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year in Heaven. We can not have our loved ones back here on earth. They were sick with cancer. They had no quality of life left. We can look forward to seeing our loved ones again. My dad always said.."Until we meet again, my friend." Spend time with family, friends, your church family, etc. We are in this together. Always come here to lean on us! Happy Holidays to you and yours. Remember..the stars in our sky are windows in heaven...our loved ones can see through them...:) Hugs.
    Tina in Va
  • KLScoville
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    I feel the same
    Lost the love of my life on November 14, 2011. He proposed to me on Christmas in 2004. Holidays will never be the same!

    I miss him terribly!

    God Bless!

    wife of Mark Scoville RIP November 14, 2011 stage IV lung cancer with mets
  • jimwins
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    Wishing everyone peace
    I know this is a difficult time of year for all of you.
    My heart goes out to you - especially those of you who
    recently experienced your loss.

    Big hugs,

  • mr steve
    mr steve Member Posts: 285
    True Love

    True love is like that. It just lets you know how wonderful the person she was and no can replace her, but life will go on and the pain slowly ever so slowly will subside. I dont think it can ever go away. Be strong.