Thank you, thank you!

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Special thanks to Liz for her help getting me through this first part of my journey. It was incredible to be able to meet her at MDA...our appts overlapped, my first, her follow up. I was so scared I could hardly make sense!

Everyone on this site has helped me.... Just knowing that what was happening was "normal" for our cancer...

Of course y'all know how it is waiting for that first 3month checkup. Did the chemo and radiation GET the Alien (tumor) or is surgery going to be needed? And the fear of a colostmy is at the edge of conscienceness. I do not worry overly because I seem to be doing well, just try to enjoy now.

Not sure I would go for a colostomy bag or not.....will decide if necessary.....

Feeling good!


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    Lorie, I'm so glad you and Liz got to meet each other! I'm sure you are going to get all good news on your follow-up results!