Happy news!

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Blood work results are in and EVERYTHING IS BETTER! WHite blood cell count is normal by a whisker, nuetraphils are normal, still anemic but MUCH BETTER! Went out to the Farmers Market and then out to lunch with hubbie and friends WEARING JEANS! True, they have Lycra in them but they are jeans!

I finished treatment on October 13, so am only out by 6 weeks, give or take a day. ...I feel like I am healing well. Still have fatigue but improving.... Soooooooo happy! Lorie


  • z
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    Good news for you, I'm glad you feel well enough to get out and have fun. Lori
  • sistermoon
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    Congratulations on your good news,Lorikat. I hope you experience nothing but improvement:-)
  • mp327
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    Hi Lorie!
    Fantastic news! I'm glad your blood counts are on the rebound and that you are feeling better! Getting out and about is good medicine--good for you! Wishing you continued healing!
  • RoseC
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    Congratulations! So glad you're able to be out and about!
  • lizdeli
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    RoseC said:

    Congratulations! So glad you're able to be out and about!

    Good news Lori!
    You go girl! I can hear the spunk in your voice! YES!
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    Congratulations on your great report!!! Life is good! May you continue to get better and better and better!!!
  • pjs62
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    Happy news!!
    So great to hear Lorie!! It always feel wonderful to get out & about in the fresh air! And to finally be dressed in anything but jamas is great!
    Continue resting to heal & get stronger. So very happy for you!! (*o*)