Just diagnosed with AML-what to expect from induction?

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My 66 year old father went in to the clinic feeling run down, and four days later is at OHSU Knight Cancer Center in Portland, Oregon to treat his AML diagnosis. They want to start 7+3 chemo induction on Thursday. Done several transfusions and his platelets went from 16 to 64.

I would be grateful for any info on what to expect from induction. Also, any advice on managing the insomnia and anxiety.

He has family with him full time, so we are trying to get as much info as possible.

Thanks and blessings.


  • TanyaC97
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    I found that drinking TONS of water really helped during my induction. I tried to eat and move around my room whenever I could.
  • wenzman
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    AML questions
    My wife was diagnosed with AML M5 last year on Dec 1st 2010. She went thru induction and 3 consolidations. Please feel free to write and ask questions to me. The positive thing is that she is now all done. She went into remission after her induction and her last treatment was in Aug 2011. She is doing well. She has days of feeling nausea but overall she feels well. If you have questions about what we went through and kind of what to expect, please feel free to write.