Discontinued Zelboraf

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Boy have things changed.

Dad has been so very weak, hardly eating and drinking, and sleeping 20+ hours a day. We made it through the weekend with him very peaceful and calm and "glad to be home." No more agitation or signs of distress. He has been in bed most of the time since Friday evening, but managed to get up to the sofa for a little while today (Tuesday). Monday he slept over 22 hours.

His doctors discontinued his Zelboraf treatment and gave a home hospice order. It is a huge relief emotionally. We will see how it goes from here and whether or not we can handle the physical part or have to take up some other options.



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    hospice is good
    Your story sounds so much like my dad's. He went down so fast that we had hospice help for a week.

    Ten years later I'm caring for Mom and we've had hospice for two weeks. They have been great. The oxygen has been a huge help, and tomorrow they are bringing a wheelchair. Plus there's the reassurance of having qualified medical attention every day. For me, the one on watch 24/7, that is such a relief!