Stage 4 liver cancer

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My stepson just informed his father and me that his mother was just diagnosed with stage 4 liver cancer. How can such a diagnosis be made without surgery? Thanks for any answers...I am really confused.


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    stage 4
    I am not a doctor, but a stage 4 cancer usually is not diagnosed without some preliminary tests. There are many tests, such as blood tests, scans and biopsies, which can diagnose the cancer. Stage 4 is any cancer that has left the original site of origin and metasasized to other areas. This could be seen on a PET scan, which shows detailed activity of cancer areas. She must have signs of spread to other parts of her body. My mother was diagnosed with stage 4 and end stage cancer of the breast, because it had spread to her bones before they found it. So surgery is not always needed to determine the stage.
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    Sorry to hear this news. Yes cancer can be diagnosed with a combination of many different Tools... biopsy, ulstrasound, physical exam, blood work, cat scan and pet scans. My mother was diagnosed with stage IV uterine cancer. She had all of the above. She was not considered a candidate for surgery because her cancer was so advanced. The same with my BIL. He was diag. with stage IV esoph cancer. They never did surgery. He had scans and I believe a series of upper GI tests.