is it related?????

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Early in the day its not too bad, but by the end of the day it takes all I can to keep my pants on. Everything I own feels tight and constricting, is this the kidney tumor, I've read some thing and seen that it can be, mine is very small surgery on Friday but I'm just curious if alot of the abdominal bloated feeling will go away in a short time frame after surgery. Keeping the faith all goes well on Friday. I've asked both my PCP and the urologist and neither really gave me a straight forward answer.


  • garym
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    Hi Linn,

    Seems like it would be more related to pre-op stress and nerves than the tumor, but I'm just guessing. As the surgery gets closer it is normal for your brain to hit the accelerator on the worry motor, try to distract it by staying busy, going for a walk, preparing for recovery, etc., you are going to be fine. Very soon your reality will be "I am cancer free", my thoughts and prayers are with you for Friday.

    Hang in there,

  • Minnesota Girl
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    Yoga pants are your friend!
    I agree, it's probably stress. The stark reality is you'll have this feeling for a while after surgery, but it passes over time. I know your surgery is tomorrow - will be thinking of you!
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    So sorry.