Ok, going for a second opinion

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Last week my mom's onc said she couldnt' have any more chemo. He said she's at a point where it won't do any good. He said she needs hospice. Today hospice came and the lady told my mom she doesn't need hospice. She's in really good shape. She's ambulatory, she's eating, she's having zero pain, she doesn't look too bad. So, we are going to go get a second opinion from another onc. What a roller coaster ride.


  • ddpekks
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    Sounds like a plan.....
    I agree, based on what you have said, that a second opinion is in order. I hope you find the right answers. Follow your gut and you will know that you are doing all that you can do to get those right answers.

    Keep us posted on what the new opinion is.

    Best of luck,