So many "newbies"

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Just wanted to suggest to the " newbies" to create an " About Me" page. This let's everyone know more about you without having to try to go back to all your old posts to see what your stage was, if you are caregiver or survivor, what your treatment plan is, etc. You can create this by Looking at the yellow line at the top of the page where it says "Welcome, ( your user name)". Directly across from that on the right hand side it says " Click here to create or update your "About Me" page." Click there, fill in the info and then save it and it will show up when users click on your user name on the left hand side of a post. this is also the place where you can add a picture. I find the pictures really help me remember names and stories when I can put a face to it. Also next to the user name on a post is a little + sign. That shows that you can add that person as a friend. That can be done by clicking on their name and at the bottom it will say for example, "Add cher76 as a friend?" click on add and then the plus sign turns to a minus sign if you ever want to "defriend" them. Hope this helps us to see a lot more "About Me" pages!
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