Update on Bill's post-op chemo

MissusB Member Posts: 111
It's been a scramble but after seeing FIVE oncologists in four states, we finally found one who recommended post-op chemo for Bill. (T3N1M0 at diagnosis, but 5/22 positive nodes after surgery.)

After a lot of pestering, we were able to get in with Dr. Joseph Rubin at Mayo (thanks, mruble)and we are having a local oncologist here in Kansas City administer the chemo - Taxol and Carbo - 3 weeks on, 1 week off, 3 weeks on, then a PET scan.

Bill is 12 weeks out this week, and will be 13 weeks out when they start treatment on December 1st. It took us that long to get a doctor who would treat his cancer aggressively, and we had been going to an NCI Center orignially (Indiana University). Thanks to all of you here I was able to get the NCCN guidelines (thanks, Callaloo) and get additional info about centers close by (thanks also to mlbrooks852).

Please pray that this time wasted trying to find the post-op treatment hasn't made time for the cancer to spread anywhere else. Dr. Rubin said he would have liked to have started Bill at 5 or 6 weeks, so we know that now we are going into this treatment with an additional handicap!