I am freaking out

Okay, I am totally freaking out because I just found out I have a one inch "blastoma" lining my uterine wall. Geez, no one in the ER used the word "cancer" and after the finding (from vaginal and pelvic unltrasound), everyone's behavior changed from professional to plain "odd". Hmmmm....I am going to see whether my OBGyn can schedule an early appointment next week for an exact diagnosis. I am suspecting I have uterine cancer and will ultimately need surgery to remove my uterus. I can't afford to miss much work and I am hopeful I can resume full time work in mid-Jan assuming the surgery can be scheduled ASAP.


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    Sandy-surgery recovery
    Sandy: So Sorry for your diagnosis. I had full hysterectomy in 11/2009. I had the davinci which is the robotic where there do not do conventional cut, they are robotic guided. just some button holes on your belly. I was up the next day and went home later in the evening. Recovery was a piece of cake. When you go to your Obgyn make sure you have some one with you and a pen and pad to write, you are going to be in a fog and will not understand anything. Do your best not to freak out wait until you get the final diagnosis. then you can make plans for your treatment and move on. Getting a cancer diagnosis is a slap in the face and most often seems like the end of your life. My darling it is not! gear your self for battle and you can get past this beast. Please keep us informed and let us know how you are doing. God bless and may our Great God give you the strength and endurance to face this time in your life. june