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What a difference a year makes!

I was in treatment this time last year. Last thanksgiving I was in the emergency room, getting fluids and morphine, That certainly is a strange feeling when that morphine hits your bloodstream. A year ago I could barely walk the few feet to the bathroom. Today I am going on a 3 mile fast walk with my pup(14 years old, but he will always be my pup). I am recovering more and more each day. I have such a love for life, I feel reborn, a second chance. I have become more giving, kinder and gentler. I am grateful for these new qualities. I believe in the balance of life(even though that is my major loss ha ha). I have lost a few things and I have gained a few. I reflect more. I feel very close to god. I love more. There is so much more to do. I want to start something new, something meaningful. Cancer has given me so much, and that surprises me to.

Just saying, there certainly is a lot to give thanks for this Thanksgiving day.

God bless and love you my friends.



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    Thankful too!
    You are so right, and in some weird way makes you wonder if we are somehow more lucky than those who never experience cancer because of the qualities that we do gain?????
    My continued prayers for all of us that we find peace and strength as we move forward in our journeys through this life we have been blessed with.
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    I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and congrats on coming so far in the past year! Keep moving forward--life is good!