Super good doctor appt today

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So Tom and I drove up the the U of Chicago to meet with Dr. Villifor. All is fine, she said. All that can be seen is a teeny 3-4 mm spot. I asked do they know if there is cancer in the spot? She said, no not for sure but the statistics say yes there will be. Of course the only way to know is a ultrasound endoscope and she's not thrilled about digging into it. Tom either.

So we are off chemo for 7 weeks and then he starts again...been off 2 already.

So next up is off to Vegas a week from Sunday, emjoy the Christmas Holidays and well you all know the drill. Enjoy each day the best we can.

I'm cooking tomorrow..around here the cook never does clean up. Yeah!!! Finishing touches on Christmas decorating and then enjoy.

Happy Thaksgiving to all of you.



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    Each Day is a blessing
    OF course, some days are more blessed than others. Life is a gift to be cherished, and those of us here know how blessed we are to be with those who love us. Isn't it sad that it sometimes takes the ugly beast of EC to make us realize that. All we can do is keep on keepin' on, until we can't keep on anymore. Ecclesiastes says that "time and unforeseen circumstance befalls everyone", and, hey, I could get run over by a bus tomorrow. But I'll try to avoid it, and you two enjoy your time OFF CHEMO!

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    So glad to hear your news . . .
    What a nice way to start the holiday season! Hope you have a great Thanksgiving holiday and get to enjoy everything about it, especially relaxing while others clean up!! We have the same deal in our house! Yeah!!

    Take care,

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    What good news. Keep up the good work!
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    Great to hear Tom is doing well

    It is so great to hear Tom got good results. I am sure he is looking forward to a break from chemo and some time to just enjoy each day for a while. Vegas should help with that!!

    Wishing you a wonderful holiday period.

    Best Regards,

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    That's great news to get at
    That's great news to get at the holidays. Have a wonderful time in Vegas. That's on my list of a place I'd like to visit--maybe someday.
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    So glad to hear your good
    So glad to hear your good news! Vegas sounds like a plan to me. Have a great time and enjoy each other!
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    Wonderful news and so


    Wonderful news and so nice to get the chemo break during the holidays. Enjoy the trip to Vegas - you both deserve it :)