BPA in canned food.

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I suspect you have heard about the new study about BPA lining the cans of canned goods. While you are getting some further knowlege on this subject please look out for an answer or hint of answer to this question.

"Do the lids used for home canning also contain BPA?"

I realize that home canning would greatly diminish one's exposure to BPA even if the lid was lined with the chemical. The food seldom comes in contact with the lid. However, durring the canning of the food thier is a lot of boiling liquid that could result in partial exposure if canning lids contained BPA. It would be good to know the answer to this so that if there was BPA on home canning lids those of us who are inclined to advocate for a non BPA lid would then get on board and do so. I myself have asked this question on one of the medical boards that the article was posted on. I believe I would be able to get a more effective answer if I accessed those who did the study. I will try to do this, however, my access to the web is a bit limited as I do not have it at my home. I promise to keep you informed if I find the answer to the above question. Thanks All. Any other input on this issue is welcome as well.


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    thanks, one thing I do know
    thanks, one thing I do know is the dietician at Dana Farber advised me not to used canned tomatoes. The tomatoes can react withthe lining of the cans (acid) so now I use ones that come in a carton. However who the heck knows what the carton is made of??? I know there has to be links to what the causes are but how do we know???
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    bpa and canning lids
    I don't have an answer but i remember growing up my grandma would can fresh vegetables in jars but when she would open them she would always spoon the top part off and throw away maybe they had something back then,I know they didn't die of cancer,my grandma passed in 2005 with complications of alzheimer's when she did buy can foods like string beans she would always pour that water off and rinse them good.#just saying. ~~MollyZ~