Heeran ???

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How are you and your mom doing? You sounded very down your last post. I'm just wondering how you are.

Mom and I had a rough rough Monday (it's the chemo and rads day - always rough). She got mad at me; I got mad at her. I feel so frustrated. Struggling to do the best I can and make the right decisions. She's still fighting for control. We clash - 2 strong women. The biggest issue is her meds. She wants all meds to come from her mail order Rx place. I keep telling her that controlled substances will not be handled that way and the mail order is for drugs that she will take on a regular basis. That's what starts the arguments. The next argument comes from faxing the Rx. She believes only her GP can fax Rx orders. (sigh) She gets an idea in her head and it sticks there!

Thankfully, Mondays come and go and we are now beyond that day. Eveybody's happy again and mom is calm. She took her first Ambien (10 mg) and was shocked that she slept all night. When I asked her how she felt this morning, she said, "Great!" I nearly passed out!

Also, since stopping Lisinopril her cough is improving. I'd say things are looking pretty good this Tuesday evening. She still frets that I'm leaving for Israel on Tuesday, but is thankful that I will get to pray at some very special Christian places! She knows I will pray constantly for her and for my SIL who is currently going through Whole Brain Radiation for mets to the brain from breast cancer.

Yep--- I'd say cancer sucks. (somebody on this board says that - I agree.)

Heeran - hugs to you. I know what you are experiencing. You will get through it.