Ooops I posted a day or 2 ago and made a spelling error. Thanks for pointing it out to me ! :) I appreciate it. .....

I said I am NOT having a recurrence but I meant I am NOW having one.


nobody responded yet regarding being on the ABT-888 study (parp) but with that , I am on Carbo & Gemzar.

Has anybody been on this for second line of treatment ?

I have had 2 debulking surgeries as well as a 3rd for scar tissue & adhesions.

Just checking in to see how you might be doing on these drugs.

Also, if you completed second line of treatment, are you back in remission ?



  • Kaleena
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    Dear Niki:

    My first line of treatment was Carbo/Gemzar due to the fact that I had a severe reaction to Taxol. I did not lose my hair with the gemzar. Although my treatments were to be once a month with Carbo/Taxol, with the gemzar I had to go every two weeks and alternate the carbo. I also did not have to premed with the gemzar. I only got nausious twice. I did get neurophy?? (Sorry, spelling bad tonight).

    Also, I was diagnosed with Endometrial Adenocarcinoma (which was found in both my uteris and left ovary) and was treated as ovarian.

    My treatment ended in May of 2006.

  • Mwee
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    Yup... carbo/gemzar
    I was on it until I developed an allergy to the carbo and they substituted cisplatin for the carbo. I'm not in remission (as yet), but the combo has worked very well to keep my numbers stable.
    (((HUGS))) Maria
  • kayandok
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    Hi niki, welcome to the board! I am on carbo/gem for chemo after my 3 de-bulk surgery. But, I am not on a PARP, It knocks me off my but, and I hav 3 days or so of nausea, that the meds take care of. Numbers are coming down.
    Wising you the best,

    PS I did cisplatin/gemzar that put me into remisseion for a few months a couple years ago.