Guess where we are!

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Well, since last night, we ended up in the emergency room. This morning was met with vomiting and pain. Out here now, ran test to be sure there was no blockage in intestine. No there wasn't, but he has been admitted to hospital to try to get pain under control. I am confused about what to do next. Still don't know what is causing the pain. pain in left side, vomiting biles...horrible overall feeling. Have not talk to oncologist since this morning...he just asked if he had been eating-husband said no. He felt around for pain. Husband in pain. So.....


  • Noellesmom
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    Just hang in there. They will find the answer.
  • LeeandShirley
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    To Jackie
    We are here to listen to your comments, whether they be pain or joy, Jackie. Hope they find out what happened soon. You thought there were problems brewing. Looks like your gut was right. Stick with that. Keep us posted. (((((PRAYERS))))).
  • DrMary
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    We were there at one point
    Thankfully, the nausea and pain were due to severe constipation caused by dehydration and pain killers. However, until we got things under control, they were talking surgery and worse. Argh.

    I do hope things get better; I do hate those nights in the hospital. Will think of you tonight.