Worth disagreeing???

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Mom's Onc doc Rx'd Xanax and it's working nicely (sometimes). I mentioned that since we are seeing him tomorrow before a chemo pump refill, I will ask him to call in a refill to mom's Rx mail order.

Mom said she wants her GP to order the drug (because he knows where to fax the refill order). My opinion (I always have one) is that the Rx should be refilled by the prescribing doctor. Mom got very annoyed with me.

Mom's been annoyed with me since early this morning when I picked her up and said told her that I thought her cough was better. That was NOT the right thing to say.

She was taken off Lisinopril to see if it improved her cough. Personally, I think it did because she's not coughing as often nor does it sound full of phlegm. She seemed extremely annoyed with me today. I have no clue what I did or do wrong, but she seems never happy with me. Sigh.


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    Only my opinion....

    I'm with you. I believe that in treatment and under the direct care of an oncologist - all meds should go through the oncologist. If your mom has concerns about *where* the meds come from, that information can be provided to the oncology team.

    The GP isn't directly involved in this care or treatment, the OC is. Best to route everything through him/her until she's released to a "follow up" status.

    Good luck. She seems quite strong willed. Love & Hugs!

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    She's angry
    Hi Ginny,
    I think what your mom is feeling is anger and fear. She's probably angry for being dependent on you, for interupting your life, and fearful of tomorrow. She's just taking her frustrations out on you because you're probably the closest one to her and she knows you'll forgive her for whatever she does because she's your mom. Try not to take the anger too personally because I'm sure she's not angry with you. I realize sometimes that's easier said than done so if it takes a little "time out" on your part, that's just what you could do. Just go into another room, count to ten, breathe deeply and then go give her a hug.
    As far as the meds go, I'm pretty sure the refills should come from the dr who prescribed them but does she really need to be involved in who orders them? I hope you have a medical power of attorney by now so you can handle those things without her fretting about any of it. She just needs to concentrate on herself and the task at hand which is living.
    Hugs to you, Ginny
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    Thanks all
    Ok, I am going to ask the Onc Doc to refill the Rx for Xanax. I think it may be considered a controlled substance and therefore she can't get the 90 day Rx ... what, we might sell them black market? (grin). Mom i think hates the loss of control and the decision-making. She has already told me kids should not know more than parents.

    I want to keep her informed of what I am doing, but sometimes that just causes her angst. I should just keep my mouth shut and do what I think is best. I remember this battle when they Rx'd Morphine Sulfer... Mom insisted I fax the Rx to ins co. I told here they ill not give 90 day supply of Morphine. She was so annoyed with me. It all boils down to the fact that she wants to pay $6 for 90 days vs. $6 for monthly refills. (Mom is unbelievably frugal!)

    Another reason I want refills by prescribing docs is so that when treatments are done and meds are no longer needed (all cured, ya know) I can stop those drugs. Today I had to get box #2 to hold the pill bottles. Surprisingly, mom is still refusing pain meds of any kind. She says she has no pain in the esophagus - just from the cough. Box #1 holds the unused meds, the other holds her daily meds. Hard to keep track. This pill 2x a day, this pill every 8 hours, this pill at night, this one every 12 hours. Grrrr! I bought more pill cases today. Problem #42 is that mom can't see! The gods are against us!

    Thanks for the opinions - I appreciate it.
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    Xanax side effect if control and desire and withdraw..

    just my 2 cents.....
    YOU are such a great caretaker, and put up with SO much from poor mom...

    When I ran out of or was worried about being OUT of my Xanax I had a very similar reaction. I at one time in the beginning when I was seeing the GP, the GI the 1st of 2 onco's and so forth, that I was getting scripts filled by all the different docs until Vandy put me onto a pain management team and got it all organized. BIG relief.


    Xanax seems to ME in my opinion to have it's own sort of life and dependence factor. I feel very lost and afraid without it, when I have had to be.

    It also releases NERVE pain that no opiate they have given me will get at at times.

    I also learned after after taking Xanax for a regular period, it should NEVER be stopped at once, always tapered off slowly, a little at a time, to ween off, it or this reaction your are describing can get really bad. and also have other side effects.

    Everyone else touched on all the rest.

    God bless