its been 22 days since my surgery of prostate and still sore in that area so need some more time to recover before returning too work, not till dec.27 2011. Just looking for some group in my area.


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    Welcome and best wishes for a speedy and full recovery from your recent treatment. In addition to sharing and support on this online PCa discussion board, I assume you are "looking" for a face to face PCa group in your area. My husband and I began attending a face to face PCa networking group shortly after his PCa diagnosis in Feb 2010. We continue to attend the same group meetings today and credit this group with getting our PCa journey started in the right direction and for their continuing support and knowledge.

    We visited several different groups in our area before finding the group we currently attend. Some thoughts about face to face PCa groups: Every group is different and seems to have its own distinct “personality.” A skilled/experienced group facilitator can make all the difference in the group’s success and the ease with which it functions. All PCa groups offer support and sharing, some better than others. “Networking” groups may focus on PCa education and welcome men and women, while “support” groups may lean toward offering a confidential place for men to vent and focus on coping with the feelings and emotions related to a PCa dx or recurrence, living with on-going tx side effects, anxiety, anger, fear, change in status, etc. Some groups manage to incorporate all aspects of PCa into one meeting; some are sparsely attended; others overflow with attendees but, may offer more diversity of experiences & knowledge. Most groups encourage women/partners to attend.

    If you are fortunate to have several face to face PCa meetings offered in your area, I suggest that you attend the different groups initially in order to find the best “fit.” For add’l info and to find a meeting location in your area, contact the following organizations:

    USTOO International
    1-800-80-USTOO (800-808-7866)

    American Cancer Society (Man to Man)
    1-800-ACS-2345 (look for "In my community" or contact your local ACS office)

    National Alliance of State Prostate Cancer Coalitions (also known as "the cancer support community") Search/Google each name along with the name of your city; check/call to determine if a PCa group is offered.

    Malecare, Inc.
    212-844-8369 in New York City

    Canadian Prostate Cancer Network
    1-866-810-CPCN (2726) in Lakefield, ON

    Good luck on your journey.

    mrs pjd
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    You came to the right place
    You came to the right place. This cancer survivors network is a good source for information, support or just someone to share your story.

    I do not know about a face to face group, but you will get information from this "circle of friends".